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A LIST OF BOOKS RECOMMENDED FOR NATURE STUDENTS MAMMALS OF THE~ADIRONDACKS By C. hart MERRIAM, M.D. Hrary 6* C:, Ntm York CUy, Prkt, BAVDBOOK or BISDt OF BAITIEV VOBTB AMBBIOA By frank M. chapman D. Apfltttm 6» Co., New York CUy. Price, $3.00 BAITDBOOK OF BIBDi OF WBITIBM VMXTID STATES FLORENCE MERRIAM BAILEY Houghton, Mifflin Co., Boitm, Mau. Price, $3.50 THE HATUBE UBBABT Published by Dotibkday, Pagi tt Co. Sold by tubstriftiom. Price OK application. Volume I conuins the genenl introduction to the library, by John Burroughs, and Ndtje BUnchan givea an mtroductory acquaintance wTth 150 bWt uroaDy found to the gardens, meadows, and woods about our homes. The birds are classified in five different ways, making identification immedUtely p<»- sible without technical knoi^e^. There are 48 P»ates in colors, and i6in black-and-white. »u . Volume II, Iw Neltje Bfamduta, fa dcyoted to Uiat Hunt and are Hunted." O. O. SWekfa hu wiittm tite liitio- duction to this account <rf 170 binfa ol pfw, pHM wros, and waterfowl. 64 color plate* and 16 plates hi Mack-«iid-wMle. Volume III, by A. RadcMfe Dupwxe. fa ft ctMnplete manual of binl'i-neatt, eggs, and bwediii« habits cortaimngdso .lu- able hints on nature photorapl^ photographs of bird Hie haw Buds Urn fuooaa. 16 cdat plates and 8a other pictures. Volume IV fa the atfy book wWdi sums up »W»4"j2r2 dw maaa of new kaonrledge about American iMnmill wUcii