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/ noTVBu or wzld mmoum, hoi Twdve laife pictuitt for fnuning (no text), vis., Kng, Lcbo, Tito Cub, Kanffuoo Rat, Griitly, Buffalo, Bear FamUv, Johnny Bear, SaadUU Stas, Cooa Famify, Courttut the Wolf, Tito and her family, race, t6.oe. MO gH O H. TBI no BIAR OF TILLAO, MM The at(»7 ol a big Califoroia Griady that ia Uvii^ jret. Pike, net. AMIMAL BIBOni. IMS The stories of a Slum Cat, a Homiiw Pigeon, The Wolf that Won, A Lynx, A Jackrabbit, A Bull-terrier, llie Wnnipeg Wolf and A White Reindeer. Price, I1.7S net. MAMSCALB OF MAHITOBA. To be isaued shortly. PnbUahad by THB CENTURY COMFAMY Union Square, New York CKjr KOOftAPHT or ▲ OBIZSLT. 1900 The story of old Wahb from Cub-hood to the scene in Death Gulch. Price, $1.50. WOODMTTH AVD riBLI, 1906 A cdkction of fablei, woodland venes, and camp storica. Price, ti.a5 net. BY MRS. ERNEST THOMPSON SETON Publiahed by DOUBLEDAY, PAGE ft CO. A WOMAN TENDEBFOOT A book of outdoor adventures and camping for women and giris. How to dress for it, where to go, and now to profit the mout by amp Hfe. Price, $2.00.