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science hu. gathrred during the last quarter of a century. By . f .irturcs are marvellous feats of the nera, nearly all Dcing photographed from hie, generally uf wild animals. There are also eight colored plates. 'olunie V, by David Starr Jordan and Barton W. Evermann, fills a long-felt need in popular scientific works, being a full account of the life-histoncs and methods of capture o? North American food and game fish. With lo lithographed color plates, lOO photographs of live fish in the water, and aoo text cuts. Volume VI is by Dr. W. J. Holland, who has introduced thousands of readers to the delightful study of butterfliei and caterpillars. Its 48 color plates are the finest ever made by the three-color photographic process, and in these and the teat cuts fully a thousand different species of butterflies are ^uwn. There an ftepint oo tite cajitttit and pnwrvMkm of bimer> flies. Volume VII, also by Dr. Holland, ukcs up the subject of mothi. There are i ,500 figures in the colored plates and 300 text cuts of the moths of North Amerii .1 Volume VIII, by D.'. L. O. Howard rents of bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, flies, and other Nortti American inaecti, admirably suited to the general reader. It has t6 color plates and 3a black-and-white, all photographed ban litt iaiectB themselves, besides nearly 300 text cuts. Volume IX, by Neltie Blanchan, enables any one to identify all the common wild llowen of the North .American continent, and introduces the reader to their marvellous life-histories and the pan which insects play in these. Illustrations: 33 color plates and 48 black-aad^iriiite, aU fnm phomg w pha of ^ actual flower. Volume X, by Nina L. Marshall, is an invaluable aid to all who are interested in fungi as food or as a limitless subject of study. 34 color plates and 40 bUdtHMad - w l i to ban piMlto' graphs by Mr. and Miss Anderson. Volume XI, by Julia E. Rogers, has many features th.. 1 no other work on treen approaches. It tells how to know the trees; the »iscs and value of trees; the care of trees; how to grow trees; the preservation of forests. The 350 beautiful pbotoeraj^iic ilhis- tnuoBtt Of A» Ra DagBMnt show budi Witmer Stone and William Everitt The 80 full