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… lion gets hit by a hunter’s ball, he is wounded; and if he gets wounded three times, he is killed.

Balls may be fired only once; they cannot be picked up and fired again in the same fight.

In winter, if there is snow, this game can be played without tracking irons, and using snow balls instead of tennis balls.

Deer Stalking

The guide acts as deer, not hiding but standing, and moving occasionally. The players go out to find the deer, and each tries in his own way to get up to it unseen.

Directly the guide sees a player, he directs him to stand up as having failed. After a certain time, the guide calls “Time,” and all stand up at the spot which they have reached, and the nearest wins.

The same game may be played by the deer being blind-folded. The players start to stalk the deer at 100 yards distance. When the deer hears the stalker and points directly to him, he stands where he is.


Scouts are sent out in pairs or singly. A number of points are marked on the map at equal distances from camp, and the scouts draw straws to see where each goes. If one place is obviously hard, the scout is allowed a fair number of points as handicap. All set out at same time, go direct, and return as soon as possible.

Points are thus allowed:

Last back, zero for traveling; the others count one for each minute they are ahead of the last.

Sometimes we allow 10 points for each Turtle they have seen; 10 for each Owl seen and properly named; 5 for each Hawk, and 1 each for other wild birds; also 2 for a Cat; 1 for a Dog.

No information is given the scout; he is told to go to such a point and do so and so, but is fined points if he hesitates or asks how or why, etc.

Hostile Spy

Hanging from the Totem Pole is a red or yellow hand-kerchief. This is the Grand Medicine Trophy of the band.

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