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The Hostile Spy has to capture it. The leader goes around on the morning of the day and whispers to the various members, “Look out — there’s a spy in camp.” At length he goes secretly near the one he has selected for spy, and whispers, “Look out, there’s a spy in camp, and you are it.” He gives him at the same time some bright colored badge, that he must wear as soon as he has secured the Medicine Trophy. He must not hide the Trophy on his person, but keep it in view. He has all day till sunset to get away with it. If he gets across the river or other limit, he wins and they must pay an agreed ransom for the Trophy. If he is caught, he loses, and has to pay a ransom for himself.


A good trailing stunt to develop alertness and observation is managed thus: One boy wearing the tracking irons is deer. He is given 100 beans, 30 slices of potato, and 10 minutes’ start. He has to lay a track, as crooked as he pleases, dropping a bean every 3 or 4 yards and a slice of potato every 20. Aften ten minutes’ run the deer has to hide.

The trailers follow him, picking up the beans and potato slices. Each bean counts I point, each slice of potato 2. The one who finds the deer scores 10 for it.

Rabbit Hunt

The game of rabbit-hunting is suited for two hunters in limited grounds.

Three little sacks of brown burlap, each about 8 inches by 12, are stuffed with hay.

At any given place in the woods, the two boys stand in a 10-foot circle with their bows and arrows. Boy No. I is blindfolded; he is the hunter. Boy No. 2 is the hider; without leaving the circle, he throws the rabbits into good hiding places on the ground. Boy No. 1 now removes the blindfold. He has to find the rabbits, and shoot them without leaving the circle.

The lowest number of points wins. If the hunter steps out of the circle, he gets one point for every step he has taken. After he sees the rabbit, he must keep to the spot ..text continues