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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

William Tell and the Apple (best rendered in caricature with a pumpkin and two actors)

Eliza Crossing the Ice

The Kaiser Signing His Abdication

The Judgment of Solomon (three actors)

Brutus Condemning His Two Sons to Death.


A Natural Autograph Album

If you live in the country, I can show you an old Woodcraft trick. Look for a hollow tree. Sometimes you can pick one out afar, by the dead top, and sometimes by noting a tree that had lost one of the biggest limbs years ago. In any case, basswoods, old oaks and chestnuts are apt to be hollow; while hickories and elms are seldom so, for once they yield to decay at all, they go down.

Remember that every hollow tree is a tenement house of the woods. It may be the home of a score of different families. Some of these, like Birds and Bats, are hard to observe, except at nesting time. But the fourfoots are easier to get at. For them, we will arrange a visitors’ book at the foot of the tree, so that every Uttle creature in fur will write his name, and some passing thought, as he comes to the tree.


Oh, it is simple; I have often done it. First clear and level the ground around the tree for three or four feet; then cover it with a coat of dust, ashes, or sand — whichever is easiest to get; rake and brush it smooth; then wait over one night.

Next morning — most quadrupeds are night-walkers — ..text continues