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Tato stránka byla ověřena

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“Would that I had a red light from that star; then should I be warm again”, was all she said in answer to the Rumor, and away went the Winged One zigzag, — he never flew straight, — but the Birch-tree caught sight of him and called:

“Ho, Little Long-tongue, what news?”

“Starving and freezing, she, the Star-girl, nearly frozen, crying for red starlight.”

“Ah, poor thing!” said the Balsam. “I will give her two of my limbs, which will make the red starlight if she sings the wind-song and rubs them as the wind rubs. I know, for I am a Medicine-tree.”

“Little use your red starlight would be”, sneered the Birch, for she was not ..text continues