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friendly with the Balsam and felt that hers was the claim of “first finder”. “I ’ll give her the magic fringe of my robe, which will magnify the starlight into sunlight.”

“Pah! Her fringe, a mere puff of dust! If she wants warmth, let her add a few of my cone-jewels to the red light, then she ’ll see sparkling blazes.”

So away went the Rumor to the Star-girl.

She rubbed the Balsam sticks till a little red star came forth, then she put in the Birch fringe, and it blazed; she added the Balsam cones, and had a warm fire.

“But the wind was cold on her back, and her wound was sore” — so the little Rumor told the Balsam and the Birch in ..text continues