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“Oh, this is most interesting!” said the Birch, as the Rumor prepared to flit. “Won’t you have some refreshment? You ’ll find a lot of half-ripe facts on my lower branches, and under those fallen leaves are heaps of juicy innuendos.”

And as the Rumor was enjoying his favorite food, the Balsam called, “What news, what news, Batwing?”

He answered the Balsam, “Oh, such a sad case! A beautiful maiden covered with wounds and weeping her eyes out.”

“Oh, dear! Has she no friends?”

But the Rumor swallowed a couple of the green facts, and flew off mumbling an innuendo.

The sun was down now, and when the Rumor came back to the Star-girl she was sitting cold and miserable on the bank. ..text continues