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Do the flat spin for 11/2 minutes, for coup. Do both right and left circles, each two minutes, for grand coup. I Do the body spin or wedding ring correctly for one minute, using a rope up to 35 feet in length, for coup. Do same for 11/2 minutes, with rope 40 feet or longer, first right hand, then left, then back to right, without stopping between, for grand coup. I Pass the stem from one hand to the other below the belt, for one minute, for coup. Do the hurdle, five times, for grand coup. (A hurdle is jumping over the stem or spoke as the rope is being spun below the belt.) I Jump into 100p and out three times without missing, for coup. Five times for grand coup. I Do the juggle or spring four times without missing, for coup. Seven times for grand coup. (The juggle is done by spinning the rope around the body in a horizontal position, and throwing it about the head; then letting it come to a horizontal position again.) I From a flat spin, bring the rope up over your head to a horizontal position around body, for coup. As above, then back again to flat spin, for grand coup. I While lying down, spin the rope for one minute, for coup. For two minutes, then stand and do the wedding ring for one minute, for grand coup. I Do the merry-go-round four times, for coup. Two-handed merry—go-round four times, for grand coup. I Do a butterfly for one minute, for coup. Do any trick such as skip and ocean wave, having the butterfly as founda- tion, for grand coup. I Any trick with two or more ropes, grand coup. 1


Only two of these may be counted toward Sagamore. Perform standing front dive and swim in good form 75 yards using: (a) Breast stroke 25 yards. (b) Back stroke with inverted back kick, spiral or combination frog scissors, 25 yards. (c) Side stroke for last 25 yards. I Swim 25 yards on back, using legs only, 25 yards on back, using arms only, float motionless for three minutes, and tread water with hands out for three minutes. I 70