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horse of not less than 13 hands, coup. Do it three times without failure, from each side, with horse of at least 15 hands, grand coup. I-II Groom, hitch and drive a trotter a mile in 2.40, coup. Do this with 3 different trotters, grand coup. I-II Act as a teamster, unaided, during 30 successive days of travel on Western trails with a team and wagon, loaded at least half the time, coup. With a four-animal team for 60 successive days, grand coup. I-II Make a continuous saddle trip of 100 miles, with not more than two companions, neither of whom is a guide, through strange territory, sleeping out every night, for coup. Two hundred miles, for grand coup. I Make a continuous saddle trip of 150 miles with a party which may be guided, sleeping out every night, for coup. Three hundred miles, for grand coup. I


Revolver shot. Target 4x4. Bull’s-eye eight inches (counts four points). Inner ring two feet (three points). Outer, the rest of the target (two points). Distance, 30 yards. Ninety—six shots divided in any number up to six days, one hand, standing, 250 points, for coup. Three hundred points for grand coup. I Half with left hand only, half with right only, 230 points for coup. Two hundred and sixty points for grand cou .I Esing the National Rifle Association target at 50 feet, with a .22 riflle, pump or bolt action, in the following po- sitions, make a score of 280, for coup; 320 for grand coup: 10 shots standing. I 10 shots kneeling. I 10 shots sitting. I 10 shots prone. I Medals of accomplishment, won in accordance with the National Rifle Association standards, or in military service such as National Guards, or in the U. S. Army or Navy, may be submitted to the National Honors Committee for recog— nition as coup or grand coup. I 69