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Be dumped from canoe unexpectedly, clothed in camp costume, undress in deep water without touching boat and swim 25 yards. Also break wrist hold and front neck hold, of subject same weight and strength in deep water. 1 Perform surface dive in six feet of water and bring up definite object. Also, demonstrate side stroke carry, 30 feet, and tired swimmer carry, 30 feet. I Swim 220 yards, no time limit. I Perform running plain dive from springboard, or rac— ing dive in at least fair form, and swim in good form 150 yards, using: (a) Breast stroke for first 50 yards; (b) Back stroke with inverted frog kick, s iral kick or combination frog-scissors kick for next 50 yar ; (c) Side stroke for last 50 yards. I Swim 50 yards using legs only, crawl kick debarred; swim 50 yards, using arms only, and tread water for three minutes with both hands above water. I Swim 50 yards in camp costume, undress without sup- port in at least seven feet of water, then swim 50 yards more. Also, break following holds of swimming instructor, or other well-qualified assistant: (a) Wrist hold, single and double, each against one or both hands of opponent, by means of legs. (b) Front neck hold. (c) Back strangle hold. I (Each hold must be broken at least five times in correct form, and against real opposition.) Perform surface dive in at least seven feet of water and bring up human subject from bottom in side stroke carry. Demonstrate unconscious or slightly resisting subject carry, also tired swimmer or cramp carry, swimming 25 yards, subject lying on back with arms straight and hands on car- rier’s shoulders and legs spread around carrier’s hips, carrier using breast stroke. I Perform well any two standard dives, for coup. Any four standard dives for grand coup. I Fetch a given object in six feet of water, for coup. In eight feet of water, for grand coup. I Bathe out of doors in water of natural temperature anywhere north of N. latitude 30 degrees, or south of S. latitude 30 degrees, for 300 days in any one year, for coup. 365 days for grand coup. I Measure 10 distances across a river without crossing, averaging within 10 per cent of accuracy, for coup. 'Within 71