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3. Make a successful swallow bank, not less than 10 feet long and 4 feet high, for coup. It is successful when 3 pairs of swallows or other birds have used it. Twice the size, with 6 pairs of swallows or other birds, or two such above, for grand coup.

4. Build an artificial hollow tree, with nesting places for various kinds of wild creatures, to be used by 6 different species of animals (not counting insects), either for nesting or for winter shelter, for coup. As above, to be used by 12, species; to be at least 15 feet high, and big enough for observer to go inside, for grand coup. (See Bird Lore, Jan., 1909. )

5. Establish a wild rice or water celery bed, of not less than ¼ acre, in a new region, to be visited as a feeding ground by at least 6 kinds of wild ducks or geese, for coup. ½ acre, or two such as above, with 12 kinds of wild ducks or geese, for grand coup.

6. Establish and maintain for three months a feeding station, to be visited by at least 6 species of bird, noting the first appearance of each species, for coup. As above for 6 months, including 3 winter months, to be used by at least 10 species, for grand coup.

V — Gardening

1. Once a week, for 25 weeks in 1 year, cut the grass, trim the edges, clean the walks, loosen the ground around hedges, bushes, etc., on a space not less than 25 x 25 feet, for coup. Same for two years, for grand coup.

2. Do 2 of the following for coup; 3 for grand coup:
(a) Have 4 window boxes, at least 24 x 8 inches, or equivalent, of successful growing plants, planted and cared for by self, for 4 months.
(b) Plant and raise successfully by self a dozen plants each of 5 of the following: cucumbers, tomato, egg plant, pumpkin, watermelon, muskmelon, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, headed lettuce, Swiss chard.
(c) Identify 20 different kinds of garden flowers, tell where they grow best and when, and raise 10 of them.

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