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3. (a) Do all the work of a successful flower garden, containing not less than 10 different kinds of flowers and 3 different kinds of shrubs, for 2 years.
(b) As above for a successful perennial vegetable garden, containing not less than 6 different kinds of vegetables. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

4. (L.L.) Do all the work of a successful garden containing at least 100 square feet with at least 3 kinds of flowers or vegetables, for 1 season, for coup. 2 seasons for grand coup.

W — Health

1. Within 1 year, pass 30 nights out of doors (at least 14 of these successive), never once sleeping under a roof, but in tent, tepee, or open, for coup. 60 nights of same (30 of which must be consecutive), and tell the story of the Angel of the Night, for grand coup.

2. (L.L.) Unbroken practice of any 2 of the following for 1 month, for coup. Any 4, for 3 successive months, for grand coup.
(a) Brush the teeth at least twice each day.
(b) Sleep with at least one window open, cloth ventilators permitted during freezing weather.
(c) Go without eating candy.
(d) Bathe at least twice each week.
(e) Go without drinking tea or coffee.
(f) Drink a full glass of water each morning before breakfast.
(g) Be in bed every night by 9 o’clock.

3. (L.L.) Sleep outdoors (tents allowed) 14 nights in succession, for coup. 1 month, for grand coup.

4. (L.L.) Be sun-tanned to the waist, for coup. Be sun-tanned all over, for grand coup.

X — Horsehair

1. Make 20 square inches of horsehair work, by either the plaited, woven, or half-hitch method, for coup. If a design in at least 2 colors is worked into it, grand coup.

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