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… a strain of 1½ pounds at the tip, 13 pounds at the grip, for coup. Make a jointed fly-rod 8 to 10 feet long, 4 to 8 ounces in weight, capable of casting a fly 60 feet, for grand coup.

3. Fly fishing. Take with the fly, unassisted, a 3-pound trout or black bass, on a rod not more than 5 ounces in weight, for coup. Take a 5-pound trout or black bass or a 4-pound landlocked salmon under the same conditions, for grand coup.

4. Hook and land with the fly, unassisted, without net or gaff, a trout or landlocked salmon, over 4 pounds, or a salmon over 12 pounds, for coup. Take, under the same conditions, a salmon over 25 pounds, for grand coup.

5. General fishing. Take on a rod, without assistance in hooking, playing, or landing, any game fish, whose weight in pounds equals or exceeds that of the rod in ounces, for coup. Take under the same conditions, a game fish that is double in pounds the ounces of the rod, for grand coup.

6. Fly casting. Cast a fly with a rod of 5 ounces or less, not over 10 feet long:

Boys and young girls, 65 feet, coup; 85 feet, grand coup.
Lads and girls, 75 feet, coup; 90 feet, grand coup.
Men and women, 80 feet, coup; 95 feet, grand coup.

7. Bait casting. With ½-ounce dummy frog, 5-foot rod, overhead casting, tournament style:

Under 12, 50 feet, coup; 100 feet, grand coup.
Boys and young girls, 75 feet, coup; 125 feet, grand coup.
Lads and girls, 100 feet, coup; 150 feet, grand coup.
Men and women, 125 feet, coup; 175 feet, grand coup.

(If a wooden plug is used instead of a dummy frog, add 20 per cent to each distance.)

U — Forestry

1. Plant successfully, and tend for 2 seasons, 15 different species of wild flower in a new locality. 10 different species of tree. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

2. Establish a bird sanctuary, with dog-proof fence if necessary, at least 20 bird houses used by not less than 10 different kinds of birds, and equipped with water (at least a bird bath), for coup. With 40 bird boxes, and the place used for nesting by at least 20 species of birds, for grand coup.

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