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13. (L.L.) Paddle a canoe properly and make three good landings, for coup. Be able to paddle either side properly, handle a canoe in rough weather, and make three good landings in a fair wind, for grand coup.

N — Carpenter

1. Demonstrate the use of the square, level, plumb line, mitre, chalk line, plane, brace and bit, saw, hammer, chisel, draw-knife, and driving nails, for coup. In addition, lay out a right angle by the 3, 4, 5 plan, and orient a foundation, for grand coup.

2. Build a cabin at least 12 x 18 x 7 feet, to be used in camp as bunk house, kitchen, long house, store house, or similar purpose, for coup. In addition, furnish it with shelves, bunks, or whatever is necessary for its purpose, for grand coup.

O — Colonial Crafts

1. (a) Make 4 bayberry candles, each not less than 6 inches long and ½ inch thick, from material gathered and prepared by self.
(b) Grow, gather, dry and use half a pound of lavender flowers or of lemon verbena (tripolium.) Either for coup; both for grand coup.

2. (a) Make 1 pound of hard and 1 pound of soft soap, from material prepared by self. (For hard soap, lye may be bought.)
(b) Construct a lye gum or leach tub with properly constructed filter, of wildwood material, and with this lye gum, make enough lye from wood ashes to make 1 gallon of soft soap. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

3. (a) Make 1 pint each of 6 different dyes from wildwood material.
(b) Dye 6 squares of white woolen material, each not less than 4 x 4 inches, or 6 bunches of porcupine quills (20 quills in each bundle), each a different color, and use a mordent, all to be found in the woods. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

4. (a) Make 3 pounds of any 3 of the following : butter, cheese, sausage, head cheese, lard, tallow, neats-foot oil.

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