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4. Canoe Voyager. Do equal share of paddling on trip that includes paddling 80 miles within 5 days, making own camp every night, and carry all necessary duffle, for coup. 150 miles within 10 days, for grand coup.

5. Tandem Paddling. Paddle stern over a triangular course, keeping boat under control, and giving all commands to bow, shifting sides not more than twice, for one-half hour, in rough weather, and make a safe landing, for coup. Do same alone in canoe, for grand coup. (Stern paddling is not done by using paddle as a rudder, but by scientific “tripping.” Rough weather means wind blowing hard enough to raise whitecaps.)

6. Paddle bow, steering well without waiting for orders from stern, 2 miles upstream (with decided current), at least some twisting portion of which is too narrow to turn canoe around in, returning immediately 2 miles down, without touching the bank with paddle or canoe at all during the trip, for coup. Do same alone in canoe, for grand coup.

7. Same, paddling stern, for coup. Alone in canoe, for grand coup.

8. Paddle stern in rough weather, and, without shifting paddle, describe a figure 8 within the space of 100 yards square, ending at point of beginning. Repeat with paddle on other side, for coup. Alone in canoe, for grand coup.

9. Paddle bow under same conditions, except that “cross bow” stroke is permitted, for coup. Alone in canoe, for grand coup.

10. Carrying. (Not permitted for girls under 18.) Overhead carry: Canoe must be handled from ground without assistance. ¼ mile over trail, or ¼ mile over road. Two persons, coup. One person, grand coup. (Canoe to be not less than 15 feet.)

11. Poling. Pole in quick water (running at least 4 miles an hour) 5 miles down stream and 5 miles return, without rest in 3 hours, with assistance of bow paddler, without bumping or grounding canoe, for coup. Without bow paddler, for grand coup.

12. Gunwales. Alone in 18-foot canoe, get up on gunwales within 2 feet of one end, one foot on each gunwale, without aid of paddle, walk the gunwales to within 2 feet of other end, without upsetting canoe, for coup. As above, in a 16-foot canoe or less, turn about on the gunwales at the far end, and return to starting point, for grand coup.

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