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(b) Dry 3 pounds (weight when dried) of some fruit or vegetable, to include at least 3 varieties. Either for coup; both for grand coup.

5. (L.L.) Make 3 kinds of vegetable dyes, dyeing blotting paper or other stuff to show sample for coup; 5 for grand coup.

P — Dancing

All of the following dances must be presented on some public occasion; and all except the European folk dances, must be of not less than 2 minutes’ duration.

1. Dance correctly 10 European folk dances, for coup. In addition, dance the Virginia Reel, and barn dance; also teach all of these to at least one other person, so it is correctly performed, for grand coup.

2. *Do 5 of the following, for coup; 10, for grand coup:
(a) The quadrille
(b) The lancers
(c) The gavotte and the schottische
(d) The polka mazurka and the varsovienne
(e) A good cake walk
(f) The minuet
(g) A Spanish dance
(h) A Japanese dance
(i) A Scottish dance
(j) An Irish dance
(k) An Egyptian dance
(l) A Russian dance
(m) A Javanese dance
(n) A Hawaiian dance
(o) An Argentine tango
(p) A solo American Indian dance
(q) A Greek dance (includes Natural Dancing)
(r) An Italian dance
(s) A baliet dance
(t) A toe dance
(u) A musical comedy dance
(v) An exhibition ballroom dance
(w) A gypsy dance
(x) A Chinese dance
(y) A character dance
(z) A tap or clog dance.

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* Repeater if all new material is offered.