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$8 Woodcraft Manual for Boys two numbers, the players having these numbers change places at once, the one in the centre trying to catch one of them. K successful he takes the place and number of the boy caught and that player goes in the centre and is in turn blindfolded. My Vacation Make booklets with the pages entitled "My earliest photo- graph, "My latest picture," "Who went with me," "How we went," "Where we went," "Where we lived," "Some people we met," "An accident," "How it turned out," "Our happiest moments," "A near tragedy," "Finis," etc. Give each boy an old magazine, a pair of scissors and paste and he is to cut illustrations for the pages of his booklet from the magazine and can make some very amusing combinations, adding poetry if he is clever. Names by Topics " What names suggest birds? " Drake, Partridge, Hawk, etc. "What names are part of a house?" Beam, Garrett, Locke, Key, Hall, etc. " What names are part of the body? " Hand, Foote, Hart, etc. "What names are flowers, shrubs, or grains?" Lily, Rose, Cotton, Marguerite, Rice, Berry, etc. "What names suggest occupations?" Miller, Goldsmith, Butler, Shepherd, Cook, etc. "What names suggest geographical formations?" Dale, Beach, Hill, Brooks, Stone, etc. Fortune Requiring two sets of numbered cards, the players are given these cards of one set only until all are distributed. The other set of cards, corresponding in number to those given out, are played face down on the central table (or floor if desired). Each player in turn goes to this set, places his hand upon the topmost cards and says, "The boy who has the card corresponding to this is red headed and quick tempered. He will either be a great politician or have a coal wagon" (or something else humorous, or impossible). He then turns the card over, holds it up, and finds the owner of the corresponding card. Much fun may be had if the description given was exactly opposite of the truth. The game continues by having the owner of the last card tell some one's character or f ortime.