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Guessing Game The players sit in a circle; one of them is blindfolded and stands in the centre. Each player is given a number. Then the blindfolded player calls 3 or 4 numbers as i, 5, 9, 10. The players who have those numbers jump up and change seats anioi^ themselves. While this changing goes on the blind- folded player attempts to catch them. If he does succeed in catching one he must guess who the captive is {by feeling his dress, features, etc.). If he guesses correctly his eyes are un- covered and the captive is " it." If not, the game is continued as before — several more members being called out. Kingdom The Guesser goes out of hearing until the group chooses an object Then the Guesser is call^ and may ask any question tbatdcan be answered by "Yes" or "No," only one question of one person, and the number of questions is limited, perhaps ten or fifteen, according to the cleverness of the Guesser and the abstruseness of the object chosen. The Guesser usually begins by asking, "What kingdom is it?" and having established whether the object is in animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdom, proceeds to ask such questions as wUl narrow the subject down as quickly as possible to object selected. Geography Any number of players allowed for this game, which has often been played at a diimer table or around a campfire. The first player begins by naming a geographical place, such as a moun- tain, river, city, state, or nation; the next player gives another name, which must be geographical and the first letter of which must be the same as the last letter of the name given by the first player; and so on around the circle, again and again, until all have dropped out by failing to think of a suitable name and the one remaining is the winner. For instance, first player names Alabama; second player names Arkansas, third player names Saskatchetvan, fourth player, the Nile. Game of Menagerie lyers are seated in a circle. One begins thus, "As 1 he Menagerie — " His neighbor to the right asks,