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aS Woodcraft Manual for Boys upon the amount of lo3^1ty and team work each member puts into it, for "The strength of the pack is the wolf; The strength of the wolf is the pack." Here are a few suggestions for covering the tests for Pathfinder in three months and die Minisino in five. It can be done, though your Tribe may prefer to cover the ground more slowly. The nimibers indicate the numbers of the tests. These suggestions cover only the tests. At every Council you should intro- duce songs, dances, primitive history, legends, stories and nature narratives, handicraft, etc. Pathfinder {Three manihs) First Month'. First week: Organization council; choose name, totem, and officers, explain purpose of Woodcraft Boys, ceremony, etc. Second week: Above continued — ^Laws, give out initiations. Third week: Swear in members and officers; Trees (s); Hike and account (2). Fourth week: Knots (10). Second Month: First week: Stars (4). Second week: Suggestions — ^Ten Totems (9) ; Enlist new mem- bers (14); Home help (15); Swim (3). Third week: Wild flowers (6). Fourth week: Check up work done — optional work. Third Month: First week: Sign language (8). Second week: Hatchet and knife (13); Prepare wood for fires (12). Third week: Bird box or restaiurant (11). Fourth week: Sign language (8). FHth week: Edible wild plants (7). Minisino {Five months) First Month: First week: Rubbing stick fire (i). Second week: Birds (8).