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Tribe Activities 39 Third week: Hike and account (7). Fourth week: Tent and latrine (3). Second Month: First week: Life Saving, first aid (10). Second week: Life Saving. Third week: Life Saving. Fourth week: Life Saving and home help (13). Third Month: First week: Birds (8). Second week: Stick bed (5). Third week: Rainproof shelter (4). Fourth week: Review — open schedule — Etiquette (11), Tem- per (14). Fourth Month: First week: Animals (9). Second week: Run Council (12). Third week: Sleep out — cook meal (2); Canoe (6). Fourth week: Character (15). Fifth Month: First week: Birds — ^review. Second week: First Aid-Life Saving — ^review. Third week: Animals and birds — ^review. Fourth week: Campercraft — ^review. •'«*w»>«^.,-- t