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SECTION n TKIBE AND COUNCIL ACTIVITIES (This section aims to help Woodcraft Tribes in running their Council meetii^. The subjects which follow are intimately associated with the Councus, though much of the material in Things to Kjiow and Do also will be of great value.) One day after a heavy snowstorm the children of a country school were wondering what they would do at recess time. Some one suggested that they go out in a neighboring field, stand with their backs to the large oak tree in the centre, and then see who could walk the straightest line to the fence. This they did, but they found that only one of the number had walked a straight line — the rest had turned aside for stumps or holes. And when they asked the boy why he had been able to walk such a straight line he answered, "I kept my eye on a post and walked right toward it." There are so many interesting things that a Tribe can do that there is a danger of missing some of the best things unless the Tribe has a pkui. Make sure then that the meetings give proper attention to the various interests of the Tribe, and see that each member has a chance to grow. Every meeting should be care- fully planned so as to give opportunity for tribal business, to have a fine time, and to learn some new thing. And, of course, the same dose attention and enthusiasm will be given to each subject during the time it has right of way. Each member enters as a Wayseeker and hopes to become a Pathfinder, then a Minisino, and finally to win a number of Coups and Degrees. It is wise to decide on the length of time it should take for all the Tribe to pass the tests for Pathfinder and allot to each meet- ing its share of subjects to be covered. In this way each mem- ber will have a chance to grow with the others. It is necessary that every member of the Tribe "play the game." The biggest step man ever took in his long history of advancement was when he learned to cooperate with others. Insist on team work. Discourage quitters, whether it be in games, singing, tribal business, or in the learning of new things. Make them see that the whole value of the Tribe will depend