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Vow of the Head Chief. (To be signed with name and totem, if any, in the Tally Book.) I give my word of honor that I will maintain the Laws, see fair play in all the doings of the Tribe, and protect the weak, and I will not ask any one to do what I am not willing to do myself.

Vow of each member. (To be signed with the name and totem, if any, in the Tally Book.) I give my word of honor that in all matters of Woodcraft I will obey the Chief and Council of my Tribe, and if I fail in my duty I will appear before the Council when ordered, and submit without murmuring to their decision.

VI. Changes of the Law

Changes of this code, in harmony with the National Laws, may be made at any Council by a two-thirds vote of all the Tribe, if due notice of the proposed change is given to all members seven suns before.

VII. Dues

Dues shall be: first . . . a year; second, assessments made on all by the Council for Tribal purposes; and third, when necessary, the Coimcil shall assess those taking part in camp.

The initiation fee for newcomers shall be . . . which shall include the first year's dues, but shall not include the assessments.

VIII. Confidential

It is charged that all keep secret the confidential discussions of the Council.

IX. Laws and Punishments

The laws are as already given (p. 9).

Punishments are meted out by the Chief and Council, after a hearing of the case. They consist of :

Renewal of initiations.

Exclusion from the games, meetings or, if in camp, from the boats for a time, or of fines, etc.