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Woodcraft Manual for Boys

The extreme penalty is " death " ; that is, banishment from the Tribe.

The Band

Each Band of not less than five nor more than ten members elects its Chief for one year, or until the successor is elected. The Band also elects the Second Chief, to act in absence of the Chief and a Tally Keeper, who should be an artist, for it is his office to keep the records, the Winter Count, and the Tally Robe of the Band, and these should be embellished in all ways. A Wampum Collector, also, is needed, and may be elected though the Chief may fill the office unless otherwise arranged. The other members, even those of lowest rank, sit in the Council of the Band without election.

Two or more Bands imite to form a Tribe.

Every member of the Band is a member of the Tribe, and uses the Totem and Call. But the Band has also a Totem and a Call of its own.

The Band keeps its own Tally, and raises what dues it pleases. But it also pays dues to the Tribe and is represented in Tribal Council by its Chief and Nobles (if any) and such Tribal officers as it can elect.

The Inbringing of a Newcomer

Those who would learn the life, and take the vows, of Woodcraft, must enter by the lowest stage of the Lodge. And before being admitted must as already set forth (p. 18):

  1. Be of right age (i. e., twelve for Big Lodge).
  2. Know the laws of the Lodge, also the hand sign and the salute.
  3. Must be proposed, seconded, and have name posted for seven suns on the bulletin board (Totem pole) or tally book and be given an Initiation Test as set forth in the trials of fortitude, on page 10.
  4. Must have passed the given initiations and if found worthy may take the vow in this wise: The Guide, or whoever is conducting the ceremony, will say at the time appointed for the inbringing, "There is a new member to be taken in at this Council, by name. . . . Let the woidd-be member stand up. This candidate, I am told, has duly qualified in the four tests of fitness, being of right age, knowing the laws of the Lodge, having been duly posted for seven suns, having faced the initiation of. ...