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Things to Know and Do 247 end with a soft wood plug, and make a wooden stopper for the . other end. Then with the point of a knife decorate the bone. The lines should be scratched in deeply and then have black paint rubbed into them. If no black paint is handy make a mixture of soot and pine gum, with a little grease, butter, or oil. “V , f“- Make a tackle box or ditty box 2 x 2 x 6 inches carved out of solid wood. Make peach-stone baskets, of a peach-stone shaped with a file. Turkey call. An interesting curio is the turkey call. Take a small cigar box and cut ofi the end as in the figure. Get a piece of slate about 2 x 3 inches long, or, failing slate, take a flat piece of wood and rub it well with rosin. Draw the two curved edges of the box lightly up this one way, and it will make a wonderfully good imitation of a turkey call. A chicken squawk. This is another call easily made. Take any small round tin box—a condensed milk tin is good—and make a hole through the bottom and into this put a cord. A knot on the inside prevents the cord from slipping through. Rosin the cord and draw the fingers down it with short and long jerks. This gives a good imitation of a cackling hen. .-,)