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248 Woodcraft Manual, for Boys Picture frames as in the illustrations. Birch-bark boxes and baskets. These are easily made if 1. bark be softened in hot water before you shape it. The lacing is spruce roots, or raflia also softened with hot water. Noggin. A noggin is a wooden cup made out of a tree burl or knot polished outside and carefully scooped out so as to leave a thin shell. Books Recommended How To MAKE BASKETS, Mary White Doubleday, Page 81 Co. $1.00 plus to cents tage. Box murmur-z, Louise Brigham Century Co. 31. 60 How To MAKE POTTERY, Mary White. Doubleday, Page & Co. $1.00 WORKINGINMETAIS, CharlesConradStc..el. Doubleda ,Page&Co. 81. 00 FIELD AND FOREST HANDY Boox, Dan C. Beard. Scnbner’s. $1.50. THE JACK or ALL TnADEs, Dan C. Beard. Scribner’s. $1.50. I Souvenir Spoons A good indoor activity of Woodcraft is the making of souve- nir spoons. Some craftsmen are clever enough to make these out of wood or of silver. I havefound that the best, easy- . . _ l ' Skookum Wild Cat Owl Eagle Johnny Bear working material is bone, deer antler, or horn. Go to any big. drug shop and get one of the 2 5-cent horn spoons. It is already of a good spoon-shape, of course. The handle is hard, smooth, l—“AL L l l l l I (F1717;