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246 Woodcraft Manual for Boys it on as an ordinary button. This never breaks or fails. As_ the old plainsman who first showed me, said, “There’s a button that’ll be right there when the coat’s all wore away from be- hind it." Handicraft Stunts Let each Woodcrafter carve a fork and spoon out of wood, with his band totem on the handle. 9/14/41”: rr‘ ' e a: . I: Mr. 7. Puck-stone "lg. '° 21hr box 'Puetun. frame of wood or butt. bard Wm H““ au‘rn cvlu'. . p ornamn-T: ". ' .z‘ ‘ . a 3'4? ,_ V w y. fl Make a needle case out of a fowl’s leg or wing bone, thus: - Clean and smooth about three inches of the bone, plug up one I