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150 Woodcraft Manual for Boys Shave (use finger or thumb on face as a razor); Wash (revolve hands on each other as in washing); Bond (with right hand bend left index); Break (with fists touching, make as though to bend a stick, then swing the fists apart); Write (make the action with index); Strike (strike down with fist), Fighting (make the fists menace each other); Set it afire (sign match, and then thrust it forward); Drive horses (work the two fists, side by side); ' Finished or done (hold out the flat left hand palm to the right, then with flat right hand and chop down past the ends of the left fingers); Search me (hold the coat flaps open in each hand); Swim (strike out with flat hands) ; _ Dive (flat hands together moved in a curve forward and down); Will you come swimming ? (first and second fingers raised and spread, others closed); Good (nod and clap hands), Bad (shake head and grimace) , ”Very “very much,” is made by striking the right fist down past the knuckles of the left without quite touching them, the left being held still; Hot (wet middle finger in mouth, reach it forward and jerk it back); Cold (fists near shoulder and shaken); Good-bye (hand high, flat, palm down, fingers wagged all to- . gether) , Thank you (a slight bow, smile and hand-salute, made by draw- ing flat hand a few inches forward and downward palm up); Su)rrender (both hands raised high and flat to show no wea- pons ; I am thinking it over (forefinger on right brow and eyes raised); I orgot (touch forehead with all right finger tips, then draw flat nd past eyes once and shake head); I wind him around my finger (make action with right thumb ‘ and index around left index); I have him under my thumb (press firmly down with top of right thumb); Sleepy (put a fist in each eye), Bellyache (with hands clasped across the belly), Sick (a grimace and a limp dropping of hands) , Go (move hand forward, palm first), Come (draw hand toward one’ s self, palm in); .a