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Things to Know and Do Harry (same, but the hand quickly and energetically moved several times); Come for a moment (hand held out back down, fingers closed excep)t first, which is booked and straightened quickly several times ; Stop (flat hand held up; palm forward); Gently or Go easy (like “stop,” but hand gently waved from side to side); Get up (raise fiat hand sharply, palm upward); Sit doum (drop flat hand sharply, palm d;own) Rub it out (quickly shake flat hand from side to side, palm forward); Up (forefinger pointed and moved upward); Down (ditto downward); Way or road (hold both flat hands nearly side by side, palms up, but right one nearer the breast, then alternately lift them forward and draw them back to indicate track or feet travelling); Forward (swing index forward and down in a curve); Backward (jerk left hand over shoulder); Across (hold left hand out flat, palm down, run right index across it); Over and above (hold out flat left, palm down, and above it hold ditto right), Under (reverse or foregoing); I t s in my pocket (slap pocket with flat hand), I send you a kiss (kiss finger tips and move hand in graceful sweep toward person), I pray (clasped hands held up), I a)»: afraid, or surrender (hold up both flat hands palm for- ward I forget (slowly shake head, and brush away something in air, near the nose); I am seeking (looking about and pointing finger 1n same di- rections) , I have my doubts (slowly swing head from side to side); You surprise me (flat hand on open mouth) , Connivance (winking one eye); Puzzled (scratch the head); ' Crazy (tap forehead with index then describe a circle with it); Despair (pulling the hair); Wgeping (with index finger at each eye, trace course of tears , Friendship (hands clasped); Threatening (fist shaken at person);