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v.‘ J, W ll U‘ Things to Know and Do 149 Remember, then, you are to learn the Sign Language because it is silent, far-reaching, and the one universal language. Since it deals fundamentally with ideas, we avoid words and letters, but for proper names it is very necessary to know the one- hand manual alphabet. Here are some of the better known. Each boy will probably find that he has known and used them all his schooldays: You (pointing at the person); Me (tapping one’s chest); My, mine, yours, possession, etc. Hold out the closed fist, thumb up, and swing it down a little so thumb points forward. Yes (nod). When far 0E, make your right hand, with all fingers closed except index and thumb which are straight and touching at top, advance, bend toward the left side as though bowing, then returned and straight again. No (head shake). When too far for that to be seen, hold the closed right hand in front of the body, then sweep it, out- ward and downward, at the same time turn the palm up as though throwmg something away. Eat) (throw the flat hand several times past the mouth in a curve ; , Drink (hold the right hand as though holding a cup near the mouth and tip it up); Sleep (lay the right check on the right flat hand); Look (flat hand over eyes); Look there (point and look in same direction); Touch (reach out and touch with index); Listen (flat hand behind ear); Whisper (silently move lips, holding flat hand at one side of mouth); Silence or hush (forefinger across lips); I will not listen (hold flat hands on cars); I will not look (cover eyes with hands); Taste (lay finger on lip); Smell (hold palm to nose); That tastes good (smack the lips); The food was good (pat the stomach); Bad taste ' cc and s itting out); Bad smell hold the nose); Thus “Will you eat ?” would be a Question, you eat, but Have you eaten? would be, Question, you eat, finished. Drinking (lift right hand to mouth as though it held a glass); Smoking (make as though holding a pipe and drawing); Paint (use flat right as a brush to paint flat left);