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Tribe Activities 8i turns and faces the left as the bands change so that the right is up. In the Spin the cloud is held tight to the shoulder, as in Flying Scud once around is enough for each spin except the final. In the final, three or four spins will do with grand crescendo, time, etc., then with a scream the dancer drops, jerks the cloud toward his feet, back over his head, then sUghtty back so it settles over his face and body. While the drum is sufficient for the dance the effect is better if a lovf humming chant in correct time is kept up by the drum- mer. This should increase in volume, and in the chmax aU should give a high-pitched, prolonged shout while the drum beats a heavy tattoo. . Then all is still. Sometimes when necessary to shorten it the sth and 7th figures ace left out, but it always begins with the Walking Trailer and ends with the Spin. The exact and full scenario is as follows : (Each figure goes once around) st. Walking Trailer brisk march tune and. " " with side dip. " " " rd. Running Trailer double quick " th. " " with side dip. " " " th, Eagle Swoop, 6 beats to the trailer pause and 3 beats to the dip. th. Flymg Scud. th. Trailer and Double Eagle Swoop, 6 beats trailer and 3 beats for each swoop. Sth. Flying Scud, with a spin for each of the four Winds. 9th. Double Eagle Swoop without trailer, loth. Spin in centre, wind screams as the dancer drops fiat then dies. Dead Cahn. The Lone Hunter The Lone Hunter is a favorite for a single dancer. The r should be in white for the best effect and carry a light i-incb wooden shield on the left arm and a light six-foot of wood in the left band. The making of these is suffi- y shown in the cut. ells the story of a scout who went forth alone to hunt, but ng t^ shield as he may venture into the hui)ting grounds ith« tribe.