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12. What are the qualifications of voter in your state or territory?

13. Name the states and territories m which women have equal rights with men.

14. Name those in which they have partial rights.

15. Tell how a foreigner may become a citizen of this nation. Gaiat

Colonial Housekeeper


The Degree of Colonial Housekeeper may be conferred on any one who takes fifteen of these tests:

1. Gather bayberries and make four candles dipped or moulded, each six inches long, for the Four Fires.

2. Leach the ashes and make a pint of soft soap.

3. Dye evenly four pieces of dreess goods not less than half a yard each of four different colors or four skeins of yarn. Dyes may be bought.

4. Dye twelve squares of felt or white flannel each about 4 x 4 inches, each a different color with stuff found in the woods such as butternut bark, golden oak, sassafras, goldenrod tops, pokeberries etc. (Tea and coffee allowed.)

5. Make a lavander box, i.e., grow, gather, dry and use the lavander in a clothes chest. Same for lemon vebrena (tripolium).

6. Potpourri — make one quart when dried and spiced.

7. Make one pint of elder-flower water or one pint cucumber juice toilet wash, or one pint of hazel extract.

8. Gather and make marigold salve (calendula) and prunella salve (self-heal) or witchhazel salve.

9. Make cherry balm of black cherry bark.

10. Gather sassafras leaves and make a gumbo soup.

11. Gather the sap and make of it a pound of sugar, either from maple or ash-leaved maple.

12. Make two pounds of lemon or orange sugar.

13. Make two quarts od lemon, citronm or orange-peel or glace fruit.

14. Make four quarts of mincemeat.

15. Make four quarts of preserves, pickles, or jellies.

16. Brew sage tea, mullein tea, boneset tea, camomile tea, and ginger tea.

17. Gather and make half a pound candied sweet flag (calamus), mint leaves, rose leaves, or violets.

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