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18. Make one-half gallon of tutti frutti.

19. Dry corn, spice, salt, or otherwise preserve three kinds of meat or fish for household larder.

20. Dry five quarts of fruit, or vegetables, for winter use.

21. State what fruits can be preserved in dear, cold water alone uncooked, and why.

22. Knit or crochet any usable article of wearing apparel.

23. Spin enough cotton, flax, wool, or hemp to make five yards of stuff or half a dozen pairs of socks.

24. Weave ten yards of cloth or rag carpet, or rug or bedspread.

25. Cut, select, sew, ball, and arrange for the making of a good rag carpet.

26. Make single-handed a rag rug, braided or hooked.

27. Make appliqué quilt or patchwork quilt.

28. Make a grandmother's sampler.

29. Make, decorate, and stuff a pincushion.

30. Ditto, hop pillow. Ganawenima



The Degree of Conservator may be conferred on any one who takes twelve of these tests:

1. Make and distinguish the most important lumber trees of your State.

2. Name and distinguish the three or four next in rank.

3. Name three trees that have neither lumber nor firewood value but are useful as shade trees, bird food, or bank binders.

4. Know the twenty-five principal song birds of your State.

5. Know the twelve principal game birds of your State.

6. Know the twelve principal four-foots of your State.

7. Mention three animals that serve no commercial purpose but which ought to be preserved because they are harmless and give pleasure to all who see them.

8. Be a member of the Audubon Society, or Agassiz Association.

9. Be a member of the local bird club.

10. Support such local societies as aim to preserve or re-introduce wild birds or desirable plants.

11. Make and put up ten bird boxes at least one of which must be nested in.

12. Make and run a bird’s lunch counter all winter, feeding at least four kinds of birds not counting the English sparrow.

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