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10. Make a box of dovetailed corners. 11. Make a pair of tilting stools according to the rules; i.e., circular on top, fifteen inches across, about twenty inches high on four legs, so widespread at the bottom that they cannot upset. 12. Make a pair of tilting spears as f^er "Birch Bark Rdl. 13. Make a rustic four-poster for a willow-bed. 14. Make boards for Four Fires so that the sides fold up around candle-sticks. (See drawing, page 9, Girl's Manual. ) Kitchi-odena-winini



' I The Degree of Citizen may be conferred on anyone who takes eleven of these tests: I. Have a record in your tribe as being an intel- ' J ligent, thoughtful member who has at all times been public spirited. 2. Hold an Z .e in your tribe, club, Sunday-school class, etc., aud have a record of being efficient and of working for the best interests of the group. 3. Know the principal offices of your city or town, whether elected or appointed, and the term of office. 4. Describe the duties of these <^cers, also of the city or town departments such as police, fire, etc. Do you have any relationship with these departments? Describe how a young person would have relationships without assuming the duties of manhood or womanhood. 6. How are the laws under which you live made? What bodies make kws for you? Describe the process. 7. How is crime punished in your city or town? Describe process, civil and criminal. In each case show steps till the case has reached the highest court. 8. Tell what effect the fear of " snitching " or tale bearing has on running of schools and of the government in general. 9. Name the princij)al offices of the State government Describe their duties, term of office, also the duties of the various depar ments. 10. Name the principal officers of the National Government. Describe their duties, term of <^ce, also the duties <rf the various departments. 11. Show yourself familiar with the history and provisions of the Declaration of Independence, also the Constitution of the Umted States.

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