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26 m BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA SQJ.O {Leader), Chorus.


Be pre - pared. 3. The Scouts^ Call, —1^ ^ Zing - a —19 — zing! Bom! ^om i ft ^ ^ ^ ^^ For scout master to call together his troop by bugle ; or for scout to whistle to attract attention of another scout.


Although the war dance and songs may seem at first sight to be gibberish — especially to those who have never had much to do with boys — yet there is a certain value underlying them.

If you want, for instance, to get discipline among your lads it means their constantly bottling up some energy that requires an occasional vent or safety-valve. A war dance supplies such vent, but still in a certain disciplined way.

Also it forms an attraction to wilder spirits who woukd never join a band of nice, quiet, good boys.

Mr. Tomlin, "the hooligan tamer", catches and gets his lads in hand entirely by the force of energetic singing and action in chorus.

Most schools and colleges have their "Ra-ra-ra" choruses, of which "Zing-a-zing: bom, bom" is a type.

The war dance or any kind of dance is of great value in giving the lads exercise in a confined space, and also in developing their activity and command of their feet, and in getting rid of awkward self-consciousness.


Each troop is named after the place to which it belongs. Each patrol in that troop is named after an animal or bird. Thus the 33rd London Troop may have five patrols which are respectively the Wolves, the Ravens, the Curlews, the Bulls, the Owls.