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The uniforms should be the same as scoutmasters'. The badge on the hat is the white metal one, and worn on the left side. The buttonhole badge is also white metal.

Corporal has a stripe of white braid three inches long stitched across his sleeve below the badge.

Scouts' War Songs

1. The Scouts chorus.

To be shouted on the march, or as applause at games, meetings, etc- Must be sung exactly in time. Leader : Een gonyama—gonyama. Chorus: Invooboo. Yah bo! Yah bo! Invooboo.

The meaning is— Leader: "He is a lion!" Chorus : "Yes! he is better than that; he is a hippopotamus!"

2. The Scouts' Rally. To be shouted as a salute, or in a game, or at any time. Leader: Be prepared! Chorus: Zing-a-Zing! Bom! Bom! (Stamp or bang something at the "Bom! Bom!")