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the school system, which, for several reasons, has not succeeded out of doors. Third, the Brigade, which many object to, chiefly because it fosters militarism; and last, the Tribal or Indian form.

Fundamentally this is a republic or limited monarchy, and has proved far the best. It makes its members self-governing. It offers appropriate things to do outdoors; it is so plastic that it can be adopted in whole or in part, at once or gradually; its picturesqueness takes immediate hold of the boys, and it lends itself so well to existing ideas that soon or late most camps are forced into its essentials, call them what they will.

No large band of boys ever yet camped out for a month without finding it necessary to recognize leaders, a senior form, or ruling set whose position rests on merit, some wise grown person to guide them in difficulties, and a place to display the emblems of the camp; that is, they have adopted the system of Chiefs, Council, Medicine-man and Totem-pole. Moreover, the ideal Indian, whether he ever existed or not, stands for the highest type of the primitive life, and he was a master of Woodcraft, which is our principal study. By Woodcraft we mean nature-study, certain kinds of hunting, and the art of camping, but we add all good outdoor athletics to our pursuits.

Photography is recognized as a branch of nature-study, and camper-craft is made to include the simplest ..text continues