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followed camp life must take its place as a cheap and delightful way of living as well as a mental and physical saviour of those strained and broken by the grind of the over-busy world.

Consumption, the white man's plague since he has become a house race, is vanquished by the sun and air, and many ills of the mind also are forgotten when the sufferer boldly takes to the life in tents.

The wilderness affords the ideal camping, but many of the benefits can be got by living in a tent pitched on a town lot, piazza, or even house-top.

I should like to lead this whole nation into the way of living out-doors for at least a month each year, reviving and expanding a custom that as far back as Moses was deemed essential to the national well-being.

These bands have been organized to spread the taste for camping, by showing how it can be done to best advantage. They are simply outdoor clubs; the Indian name and style were given chiefly because they add the charms of color and romance, and because they are so appropriate.

When two or three young people camp out, they can live as a sort of family, especially if a grown-up be with them, but when a dozen or more go, it is necessary to organize.

There are four possible forms of government: First, the patriarchal, as above; it answers fairly for two or three, but fails with a considerable party. Second, ..text continues