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methods of triangulation, star-craft, finding one's way, telling direction, sign-language, as well as many branches of Indian-craft.

Two other important ideas underlie the scheme. The first is personal decoration for personal achievements; second, no competitive honors[1]. All our honors are bestowed according to world-wide standards.

In our colleges to-day every effort is made to discover and develop a champion. The great body of the students are neglected. That is, the ones who are in need of physical development do not get it, and those who do not need it are over developed. The result is much unsoundness of many kinds. A great deal of this would be avoided if we strive to bring all the individuals up to a certain standard. In our non-competitive tests the enemies are not "the other jellows", but time and space. We try not to down the others, but to raise ourselves. A thorough application of this principle would end many of the evils now demoralizing college athletics.

About one hundred and fifty deeds or exploits are recognized in these various departments, and the braves are given decorations that show what they have achieved. The plan aims to give the young people "something to do, something to think about, and something to enjoy in the woods," with a view always ..text continues

  1. Prize are nit honors.