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The Birch-Bark RoU counts coup; to do it in two minutes, clearing a 5-foot hurdle and a 12-foot water-jump, grand coup. . Trick-riding. To pick up oat*» hat nom the ground while at full gallop on a horse ol not less than 13 hands coimts coup. To do it three times without failure, from each side, with horse of at least 15 hands, counts grand coup. . To catch 10 horses or cattle in corral, with 10 throws of the lasso, counts coup; to catch 10 on the range in 10 throws counts a grand coup. a. To catch a horse or beef by each of his four feet in four successive throws, grand coup. . Diamond hitch. Pack a horse with not less than 100 pounds of stuff, with diamond hitch, to hold during eight hours of travel, coup. Ten days in succession, a grand coup. SHOOTING (Open to men only) . Revolver-Shot. Target 4 x 4 feet. Bull's-eye 8 inches (counts 4 points). Inner ring 2 feet (3 points). Outer, the rest of target (a pomts). Distance, 30 yards. 96 shots divided in any number up to six days, one hand, standing: —

pomts count coup; 300, grand coup. 

3Sa. Half with left hand only; half with right only: — 230 points, coup; 260, grand coup. a