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The Bifch-Bark Rott . Rifleman * To be a marksman according to militia standaids, a coup; to be sharpshooter, a grand coup. ARCHERY Revised by Mr. WiU H. Thompson, of SeaUk, Wash. . Make a total score of 300 with 60 shots (in one or^wo meets), 4-foot target at 40 yards (or 3-foot target at 30 yards), for coup; make 400 for grand coup. . Shoot so fast and far as to have 6 anows m the air at once, for coup; 7, for grand coup. (Accordhig to Catlin the record is 8.) . For boys (10 to 14), to send an arrow 100 yards, coup; 135, g«nd ^° an arrow ^25 yards, coup; 150, grand coup. For men (over 18), to send an arrow 200 yards, coup; 250, grand coup. . . . _^ r * . To hit the Burlap Deer m the heart, first shot: — , J For boys at 45 yards, coup; 55 yards, grand coup " lads " 60 « " 70 " « men" 75 " " ^5 " " (The heart is 9 inches across.)

  • Everything that can be said in favor of fireams for use "» gen"?^

sport appUes to the rifle only (and its understudy the revolver). The Satter^ has no official existence for us. It is ruinaUpn toAe marksiS^s power and should be aboUshed. A nfle range »»d^ able adjunct of all grown-iq»cMiq». Honon •» awmided waxwdtt^ to the anny studarda.