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The Bifch-Batk Rott assistance in hooking, playing, or landing, a trout, black bass, pike, muscallonge, grayling, salmon, blue- fish, weakfish, striped bass, kingfish, sheepshead, or other game fish, whose weight in pounds equak or ex- ceeds that of the rod in ounces, coup. To take, under the same conditions, a game fish over 20 lbs., grand coup. Men: To hook and land with the fly, unassisted, without net or gaff, a trout or landlocked salmon over 4 lbs. or a salmon over 12 lbs., coup. To take, under the same conditions, a salmon over 25 lbs., grand coup. . Indoor Fly-Casting. Boys: To cast a fly with a rod of 5 oz. less, not over 10 feet bng, 40 feet, coup; 55 feet, grand coup. Lads: 65 feet, coup; 80 feet, grand coup. Men: 80 feet, coup; 95 feet, grand coup. BAIT-CASTING Revised by Mr. L. S. Darting, of New York. . With 1-oz. dummy frog, 5-foot rod, indoors, overhead casting, tournament style: — Boy class, 60 feet for coup ; 70 feet for grand coup Lad " 80 " " " 90 " " " " Man " 100 « " " 120 " " " " If out of doors, add xo per cmt to each of the disr- tances. RIDING, ETC., TO THE END OF ATHLETICS ARE RED HONORS . To ride a horse one mile in three minutes, clearing a 4-foot hurdle and an 8-foot water-jiunp,