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the first hunt takes the dummy under his arm and runs off, getting ten minutes start, or until he comes and shouts "ready!" He leaves a trail of corn, dropping two or three grains for every yard and making the trail as crooked as he likes, playing such tricks as a Deer would do to baffle his pursuers. Then he hides the Deer in any place he fancies, but not among rocks or on the top of a ridge, because in one case many arrows would be broken, and in the other, lost.

The hunters now hunt for this Deer just as for a real Deer, either following the trail or watching the woods ahead; the best hunters combine the two. If at any time the trail is quite lost the one in charge shouts "Lost Trail!" After that the one who finds the trail scores two. Any one giving a false alarm by shouting "Deer" is fined five.

Thus they go till some one finds the Deer. He shouts "Deer!" and scores ten for finding it. The others shout "Second," "Third," etc., in order of seeing it, but they do not score.

The finder must shoot at the Deer with his bow and arrow from the very spot whence he saw it. If he misses, the second hunter may step up five paces, and have his shot. If he misses, the third one goes five, and so on till some one hits the Deer, or until the ten-yard limit is reached. If the finder is within ten yards on sighting the Deer, and misses his shot, the other hunters go back to the ten-yard limit. Once the ..text continues