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Deer is hit, all the shooting must be from the exact spot whence the successful shot was fired.

A shot in the big oval is a body wound; that scores five. A shot outside that is a scratch; that scores two. A shot in the small oval or heart is a heart wound; it scores ten, and ends the hunt. Arrows which do not stick do not count, unless it can be proved that they passed right through, in which case they take the highest score that they pierced.

If all the arrows are used and none in the heart, the Deer escapes, and the boy who was Deer scores twenty-five.

The one who found the dummy is Deer for the next hunt. A clever Deer can add greatly to the excitement of the game.

Originally we used paper for scent, but found it bad. It littered the woods, yesterday's trail was confused with that of to-day, etc. Corn proved better, because the birds and the squirrels kept it cleaned up from day to day, and thus the ground was always ready for a fresh start. But the best of all is the hoof mark for the shoe. These iron hoof marks are fast to a pair of shoes, and leave a trail much like a real Deer. This has several advantages. It gives the hunter a chance to tell where the trail doubled, and which way the Deer was going. It is more realistic, and a boy who can follow this skilfully can follow a living Deer. In actual practice it is found well to ..text continues