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Each brave should have a bow that pulls from ten pounds up; about one pound for each year of his age is a safe guide for boys up to sixteen. He should have at least six arrows and a quiver. The arrows twenty-five inches long, with three feathers, cone-points of steel or iron; brass points are useless. A guard or bracer for the left wrist is needed, and most boys require a glove to protect the fingers of the right hand.

The correct way to shoot with a bow is fully set forth in "Two Little Savages."



The Deer Hunt has proved one of our most successful games.

The Deer is a dummy, best made with a wire frame, on which soft hay is wrapped till it is of proper size and shape, then all is covered with open burlap. A few touches of white and black make it very realistic.

If time does not admit of a well-finished Deer, one can be made of a sack stuffed with hay, decorated at one end with a smaller sack for head and neck, and set on four thin sticks.

The side of the Deer is marked with a large oval, and over the heart is a smaller one.

Bows and arrows only are used to shoot this deer.

A pocket full of corn, peas, or other large grain is now needed for scent. The boy who is the Deer for..text continues