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at present we shall do best by preserving and closely copying the best of the truly native productions.

Therefore, in decorating teepees, etc., we use only literal copies of the good Indian work.


We encourage musical talent as much as possible. Around the nightly camp-fire songs and music are in great demand. The drum is essential also for the numerous song-dances and song-plays.


The Tribe should own a Standard Target, that is, four feet across, circular, made of straw, with a thin oilcloth cover, marked with a nine and six-tenths inch centre of gold (called by some of our Tribes "the Buffalo's Eye"); outside of that a four and eight-tenths inch band of red, next a similar band of blue, next of black, next of white. In scoring, the gold is 9, the red 7, the blue 5, the black 3, the white 1. The shortest match range for the target is forty yards. If it is a three-foot target the match range is reduced to thirts yards.

A target can be made of a burlap sack about five feet square. This should be stuffed full of hay or straw, then flattened by a few quilting stitches put right through with a long packing needle. On this the target is painted of exact right size and color.

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