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The member is a brave till he has taken a scalp, after that he is a warrior.


The Indian teepee has the advantage of picturesqueness, also of comfort in cold weather, because it admits of an open fire inside. It has the disadvantages of allowing some rain to enter through the smoke-vent in very wet weather. A twelve-foot teepee (needing four-teen poles), big enough for half a dozen boys, can be made for three dollars, plus labor (see "Two Little Savages"), or it can be bought ready made for about thrice that.

There is one great evil that campers should beware of, that is rheumatism. But none need suffer if they will take the simple precaution of changing their wet clothes when not in action and never sleeping directly on the ground. A warm, dry place for the bed should be prepared in every tent and teepee.

An adapted teepee that is rain-proof is among those now on the market, or the old-fashioned teepee may be improved with a three-foot "bull boat" or storm-cap of canvas, to cover the ends of the poles.

Tents of any good kind will answer, but they do not admit of a fire within. They are, however, excellent for storage. A tent painted teepee-fashion may be made very picturesque.

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