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middle of each midrib, stringing them together and holding them the right distance apart.

The war-bonnet is the most important of all decorations. It is a complete record of the owner's exploits, as well as a splendid ornament. The making of it is fully described in The Ladies' Home Journal for July, 1902, and in "Two Little Savages."


One cannot always wear the war-bonnet, and yet may wish to wear a visible record of his rank. To meet this need we have a badge adapted from an old Iroquois silver brooch.

In this the White or Silver Buffalo head represents the whole nation. The owner can put his initials on the Buffalo's forehead, if desired.

To pin in the middle is the real Indian style. To fasten the brooch, throw back the pin, work a pucker of the coat through the opening from behind; when it sticks out far enough bend it to one side and pierce it with the pin, then press the pin down and work the pucker back smooth. This can never work loose or get lost.

The rank of the wearer is thus shown: —

The ordinary brave as soon as admitted wears the simple badge.

Every one in the Council may add a beard to the ..text continues