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Tato stránka byla zkontrolována

Article VII


Section I. Dues shall be, first, … a year; second, all assessments made by the Council for tribal property; and third, when necessary the Council shall assess those taking part in camp.

Section II. The initiation fee for new braves shall be … , which shall include the first year's dues, but this shall not include assesments.

Article VIII

Council of Tribe

The doings of the Tribe in Council shall be considered confidential.

Article IX


1. Don't rebel. Rebellion by any one against any decision of the Council is punishable by expulsion. Absolute obedience is always enforced.

2. Don't kindle a wild fire, To start a wild fire – that is, to set the woods or prairie afire – is a crime against the State, and well as the Tribe. Never leave a fire in camp, without some one to watch it.

3. Protect the song-birds, It is forbidden to kill or injure or frighten song-birds, or to disturb their nests.

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